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Before We Go

... We'd best get done what we want to

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Just in case the worst happens, do what you've been putting off.
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We never know what's around the corner. So why risk that corner ahead being the last one? This community is meant to encourage people to do what they've been putting off, in case they run out of time.

Your Mission:
1) Write a letter. Write a just-in-case letter. Include things that you want people to know, but just haven't told them yet for one reason or another. Tell them that you love them, hate them, are sorry about something... Make amends with people you've fought with. Anything that you don't want to take to the grave with you but just haven't found the moment to say yet.
2) Write a list. Write a list of things that you want to do before you die. Start off with it being for long-term... Then highlight the things you'd for sure do if you knew you'd only live for a week. Put a star beside the things you'd do if you only had 24 hours.
3) Reflect. Why can't or won't you say those things you want to yet? Why haven't you done those things you'd want to do yet? What's holding you back?
4) Do them. If you can't think of a good reason why you haven't said or done those things, do them. Don't put them off till next year: Look at your calendar and start planning to do them sooner than later. See how many things you can get done in a week, or a month.
5) Challenge your friends. Give them this same mission. See how many accept, and what they do. You may have more similarities than you think.

Before you go, be sure you've done all you wanted to. The memories you get from it will be worth it, and when it does come time for you to go, you can look back at the time you've spent and know you've spent it wisely and happily.

Please be kind to the community and those involved, especially the mods, by following these simple requests.

::Please place long entries behind an lj-cut, to keep users' friends pages and the community pages themselves a bit less cluttered.
If you are unsure how to do an lj-cut, please click here.
***You will receive one warning from a mod: If not fixed within 24 hours of the mod comment, your post will be deleted.***

::Please be kind and encouraging to everyone. Some people may be hesitant about writing their hopes, dreams, and letters, so please help us in making them feel welcome here.

All members are encouraged but not required to participate in our new INTRO POST . Feel free to do it even if you have been a member for a while.

What is your first name? (If you're uncomfortable sharing, what can we call you?)
What is your age?
Where are you located?
What are 5 things you wish to accomplish in life?
What are 5 things you are proud of already accomplishing?
What makes you happy?
What's one thing that really irritates you?
Who is your greatest influence?
If you could change one thing about the world, what would it be?
Anything else we should know about you?

Thank you.
Your mods,

Feel free to post any portions of your lists or letters you're willing to share. You don't have to, but it may prove inspirational to others, and you may find people with similar interests.